IMAGINE is a process for guiding you to success. How to affect change can be a daunting task—especially for yourself. Who are we? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? These are questions every leader worries over.

Real growth often requires a cultural shift within an organization. However, a desire for growth and actually developing a plan for achieving it are two entirely different things. We developed IMAGINE as a process to help you determine what success looks like and provide you the tools necessary to affect real cultural change for sustainable growth.

IMAGINE has a unique meaning. It is both the action taken to create something better and an acronym of that process of creation. It is a creative process blended with design thinking and strategy development.

I = Identity Define who you are today and challenge the identity of who you want to become.

M = Market Focus Target those you serve and who you should serve to be successful.

A = Area Find those you want to serve in the future both physically and digitally.

G = Getting Noticed Help define the methods of communication and tactics needed to stand out from the competition.

I = Initial Offering Your offering will be defined based upon your future identity, those you want to serve, and what best aligns with your future needs.

N = Nurture How will you educate your staff and those you will serve? How will you nourish others to ensure growth and success?

E = Experience Finally, the engagement will need to be shaped to best support the consumer experience. What will define a unique engagement for your brand?

IMAGINE. Guiding transformation for sustainable growth.

Meet Our Team:

Kevin Dulle
Director, Experience Innovations

IMAGINE co-creator and program coordinator, Kevin helps guide clients every step of the way to imagine what is possible through visual translations and Design Thinking techniques.

Eduardo Alvarez
Facilitator for IMAGINE

Diving deep into proper change management processes, Eduardo leads interactive client workshops, consulting, and executive team coaching to maximize client performance.

Kevin Blair
President + CEO

As a hands-on leader, Kevin introduces clients to the IMAGINE process to align their Brand, Place, and Culture to help them become stronger and faster.

Scott Florini
Vice President of Strategy

Leading with strategy as his north star, Scott helps clients analyze their market, growth projections, and strategic plans to kickstart their IMAGINE journey.

Danielle Galmore
Facilitator for IMAGINE

As a specialist in headquarters change management, Danielle lends her expertise to clients through hands-on client workshops, consulting, and executive coaching to create an effective HQ strategy.